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Important: Admin features are not active by default. Send us a quick message through live chat with your username and we’ll get them turned on for you in no time.


Manage Users

As an admin (or ‘parent’) user you are able to create and manage sub-users (or ‘child’ accounts). The Manage Users screen gives you several options, including…

1. Add a User: create a new sub-user (more information below)
2. Import Users: upload details for multiple sub-users as a csv file
3. Search Users: find a specific sub-user by name
4. Select which types of sub-user to view based on their status
5. Advanced Search: find a specific sub-user by criteria other than name
6. View sub-user details, this also allows you to:

  • Manage: take control of this sub-user. Click ‘Logout’ to return to the admin level
  • Report: view reports based on this sub-users activity (more information below)
  • Edit: change the settings selected when creating the sub-user
  • Suspend: temporarily revoke this sub-users access
  • Archive: deactivate but do not delete a sub-user
  • Delete: permanently remove a sub-user

7. Apply bulk actions to the selected sub-users (e.g. suspend, delete, archive)

Admin - Manage Users

Add a User

When creating a new sub-user you should first add all of their contact details, this is done in the same format as your own details. When you click ‘Continue’ you will go to the ‘Settings’ screen. These include much of the same settings you have on your admin account as well as some designed to control sub-user usage, including…

  1. Username: choose an identifiable username for your new sub-user that they can use to Login
  2. Password: assign a password for your new sub-user to Login. Click ‘Generate’ to assign a random alphanumeric password
  3. Access Level: choose what type of permissions this sub-user will have, Admins will have the ability to create sub-users of their own
  4. Credits, Use: choose whether this sub-user will use their own credits or have access to the credits pool at your admin level
  5. Credits: assign this sub-user an amount of credits to start with
  6. Low Credits Reminder: Here you can choose at what point you would like notifications to be sent indicating that your sub-users balance is running low. You can also choose who gets this notification.
  7. Undelivered Message Alert: Here you can choose to be notified when a message has failed to reach it’s destination, this could signify a number that is no longer in use.You can also choose who gets this notification.
  8. Default Page: Here you can choose the default page you will see when you login to fastsms. You can choose between ‘Dashboard’, ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Inbox’.
  9. Default Label for SMS: Here you can choose a default text label to appear in the From field when sending a message. Particularly useful if you always send from your company name. You can now choose to ‘Lock’ this default label, restricting the user to only ever being able to send from it.
  10. Maximum Sends: control how many times this sub-user can send a message to any one number in a day
  11. Restrict this sub-user to only being able to send messages using templates. Be sure that any custom templates you have created are set to be shared with child users.

Admin - Add User

Manage News Items

News items allow you to communicate with all your sub-users. They are displayed both on the ‘Home’ screen and in the ‘Service News’ section under ‘Help & Support’. From the Manage News Items screen you can do the following…

  1. Add News: create a new news item (more information below)
  2. View details of each news item. You can also Edit or Delete previous news items
  3. Apply bulk actions to selected news items (e.g. Delete)

Admin - News

Add News

News items are designed to be a quick and easy way to distribute information to your sub-users. Therefore publishing a news item is fairly simple…

  1. Title: this is the subject of your news item
  2. Targeted to: decide if this information should be sent just to your direct sub-users or their sub-users as well
  3. News text: this is the information you wish to share
  4. You can also choose whether to send a copy of this news to the sub-users via email
  5. Save news: this will publish your news item

Admin - Add News

You can login to fastsms and manage your sub-users here.