in Sending

Using the Advanced Send you can send messages to multiple contacts, groups and lists all at the same time...

The Advanced Send enables you to send to multiple contacts, groups and lists all at the same time as well as all the other sending options available on the Simple Send page, including…

  1. To: Enter mobile numbers or the names of contacts, groups or lists separated by a comma.
  2. Add: Select multiple Individuals, Groups or Lists from your Contacts to add to the To field.
  3. From: Choose who the message will appear to come from on the recipients. You can use a Text Label or a Virtual Mobile Number. ( More Information )
  4. Message: Here you can enter the message you would like to be sent. ( More Information )
  5. Insert Template: If you have templates set up, it’s quick and easy to select them here. ( More Information )
  6. Immediately: This will send the message as soon as you click “Send Message”.
  7. On a later date: This will schedule the message to be sent in the future, you will then be able to view it in your Outbox.
  8. By schedule: This will send the message multiple times on a schedule of your choosing. ( More Information )

You can login and send a message here.