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Your blacklist allows you to clean your data more easily…

Contacts on a distribution list may request that you send them no further messages. Blacklisting is a quick and easy way to prevent those contacts’ numbers being included in any imported distribution lists and removes them from existing distribution lists. Numbers can be added manually to the blacklist or imported from a csv file. This screen has a few options, including…

  1. Import Numbers: upload a list of blacklisted numbers as a csv file
  2. Search numbers: find a number that you would like to remove from the blacklist
  3. Choose which blacklisted numbers you would like displayed on this page
  4. Choose whether your blacklisted numbers should take effect with your sub-users
  5. Blacklist Number: add a new number to the blacklist
  6. View an individual entry. You can also delete it from the list (unless it was added by your parent user)
  7. Apply bulk actions to selected entries (e.g. Delete)
  8. Export Entries: download your blacklisted numbers as a csv file


You can login to fastsms and manage your blacklist here.