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When your message is sent you will see a series of live reports indicating the status of the message. As a successful delivery can complete very fast you may not see all of them…

  1. Pending: the message is on its way to the receiving network
  2. Sent: the message has been passed to the receiving network and the operator is sending it on to the recipient’s handset; we are awaiting confirmation of delivery.
  3. Delivered: we have received confirmation from the handset that the message has been received.

Other message statuses that you may see include:

  • FAILED: the message did not reach its destination.
  • UNKNOWN – we have been given no information from the network regarding the delivery or failure from the network.
  • EXPIRED – The message did not deliver to the handset within the time frame.
  • COMMAND_REJECTED – the number that the message was sent to does not exist or is incorrect.
  • COMMAND_FAILED – the same as undeliverable but for international routes
  • UNDELIVERABLE – the message has been unable to reach the handset. This may be due to the number no longer being in service or the number being incorrect.