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Choosing Recipients: the 5 main options

When sending a message you are faced with a few options when choosing who to send it to. You’ll find each of these works best in different scenarios.

Options Include:

  1. Typing a Number in manually
  2. Choosing an individual Contact from your address book
  3. Selecting a Group of contacts from your address book
  4. Selecting a List of numbers
  5. Uploading a Campaign for a one-off broadcast

choosing recipients

NB: If sending a Campaign (i.e. uploading a .csv file for a one-off broadcast) and you are using the mail merge fields for the message body you will need to make sure that the ” symbol is used as a text identifier for any text that includes a comma. So, basically if your message body includes a comme you will need to surround that text with ” in your upload file, so it might look like this … 447811111111,”Hi, this is a message”,mm2,mm3,mm4 – if you’re unsure of this, just grab us on Live Chat and we’ll be able to help.

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