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Composing: things you need to know…

Each 160 character text message to a UK mobile phone number uses 1 credit:

  • You can send messages up to 456 characters in length but this will use more than one credit (much in the same way as when sending from a mobile phone). Please note that additional character spaces are used to link multi-part messages together as is standard in SMS technology. For this reason we recommend you always refer to the character and message count on the send page when composing your message to determine how many credits your message will use.
  • Messages sent to mobile phone numbers outside of the UK will use 2 credits per 160 character message. You can see our full international network coverage here.
  • Some special characters (e.g. £, $, &) are counted as 2 characters as they are outside the standard GSM character set (a-z, 0-9) so be aware that this could push you over 160 characters for a message; check the character counter to be sure before sending. You can see a full list of supported characters here.

composing a message

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