Distribution lists give you more options for sets of numbers that you regularly send to. From this screen you can do the following…

  1. Add A List: create a new distribution list (more information below)
  2. Manage Blacklisted Numbers: blacklisted numbers are numbers which you no longer wish to be able to send to
  3. View list entries (more information below)
  4. Clean, Edit or Delete a list. When you clean a list if removes any blacklisted numbers

Distribution Lists

Add a Distribution List

You can create a distribution list by clicking ‘Add A List’ on the Distribution Lists screen. This gives you several options, including…

  1. List name: give your new distribution list a name
  2. List option: choose whether to (a) allow duplicate numbers in your list (b) share this list with your sub-users.
  3. Custom fields: here you can add up to five custom fields that can be used for personalisation.
    • Custom field names should not contain any spaces (e.g. #PolicyNum# or #Policy_Num#)
    • These fields can later be mapped to your data upon import
    • As ‘Name’ is a standard field. You can add a contacts name to a message by using #Name# without adding any custom fields.

Distribution Lists

4. Scheduled sends: you can send a custom message to each recipient on a specific day every year. For this you must allocate one of the custom fields as a date field. This is useful for things such as Birthdays or Renewal Reminders.

Distribution Lists

5. Throttling: this allows you to control the rate at which messages are sent. This is useful if your campaign is designed to provoke a response (such as an incoming phone call or call back request). You can adjust this over time as you learn to gauge your response rates.

Distribution Lists

List Entries

When you click on the name of a list on the Distribution Lists screen you will see all the numbers in that list. You then have the following options…

  1. Add new entry: add another number manually
  2. Edit list: change the settings you chose when creating your list
  3. Import entries: upload multiple list entries in a csv file
  4. Clean list: remove any entries that appear on your blacklist
  5. View entry details, you can send them an individual message, edit or delete them.
  6. Apply bulk actions to selected entries (e.g. Send message, Delete)
  7. Export entries: download list entries as a csv file

Distribution Lists


You can login to fastsms and manage your distribution lists here.