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What if my system only allows email to be sent as 1 line?

We have introduced a new control character to account for systems that only generate email in a single line – “/newline

In this instance, the email body would look like this…

username/newline4b06-47ce-g000-8451/newlineThis is the text message…

What if my subject line is over 11 characters?

If, for example, an email is automatically generated it may have a subject line that exceeds the 11 character limit. We have now made it so that our system will accept subject lines longer than 11 characters (instead of seeing it as an error) but then cut off anything after the 11th character.

This means your message will still be sent and only the first 11 characters will be used as the text label in your sent message.

You can activate this setting in your account preferences.

Does the email have to be in plain text?

Yes. If your email is not in plain text, special formatting can introduce foreign characters into the text message or even prevent it from being sent entirely.

Where can I find my Email To SMS token?

You Email to SMS token can be found in your Account Settings.

To get there, login to NetMessenger click on the settings icon and select ‘preferences’.

What if the body of my email has extra lines?

When sending via Email to SMS, you don’t want things like disclaimers and footers that get added automatically causing you issues.

Simple fix for this… simply add /eom (end of message) on the line after the information you want to send to fastsms. This will then cut everything else off.