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Having trouble sending via Email to SMS?

Here are some things to help you identify the cause.

Step 1: Are you receiving an error code?

No: Go to Step 2

Yes: See the specific error code below for more information.

Code Description
-100 Not Enough Credits
-101 Invalid CreditID
-200 Invalid Contact
-300 General Database Error
-301 Unknown Error
-302 Return XML Error
-303 Received XML Error
-400 Some numbers in list failed
-401 Invalid Destination Address
-402 Invalid Source Address – Alphanumeric too long
-403 Invalid Source Address – Invalid Number
-404 Blank Body
-405 Invalid Validity Period
-406 No Route Available
-407 Invalid Schedule Date
-408 Distribution List is Empty
-409 Group is Empty
-410 Invalid Distribution List
-411 You have exceeded the limit of messages you can send in a single day to a single number
-412 Number is blacklisted
-501 Unknown Username/Password
-502 Unknown Action
-503 Unknown Message ID
-504 Invalid From Timestamp
-505 Invalid To Timestamp
-506 Source Address Not Allowed (Email2SMS)
-507 Invalid/Missing Details
-508 Error Creating User
-509 Unknown/Invalid User
-510 You cannot set a user’s credits to be less than 0
-511 The system is down for maintenance
-512 User Suspended
-513 License in use
-514 License expired
-515 No License available
-516 Unknown List
-517 Unable to create List
-601 Unknown Report Type
-701 No UserID Specified
-702 Invalid Amount Specified
-703 Invalid Currency Requested


Step 2: The issue is likely with your email

If you are experiencing problems using Email to SMS and not receiving an error code in return the most likely cause is that your email is not reaching us. Please check that you are sending using the correct format.

If you believe everything to be correct please contact us using the Live Chat at the bottom of the page.