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To use Email to SMS all you need is the ability to send an email and a fastsms account. Click here if you don’t yet have a fastsms account.

It’s quick and easy to send a text message using Email To SMS by following this simple format…

1. To: enter the mobile number(s) you would like to send the message to

  • numbers must be entered as (where 07123456789 is the phone number)
  • multiple numbers must be separated in the same way you would email addresses; this is dependent on your email client but is usually a comma or a semi-colon (e.g., etc.)

2. Subject: enter your text label. This is who the message will appear to be from on the recipients phone.

  • many users choose to use their company name or the subject of the message
  • this cannot exceed 11 characters
  • must contain no spaces
  • if you add your Virtual Mobile Number here you will enable replies straight back to your email via SMS to email

3. Message Body: this must be in plain text format and structured as follows for your message to be sent…

  • Line 1 – your fastsms username
  • Line 2 – your fastsms email2sms token (shown in your Settings)
  • Line 3 – the message you would like to send to the recipient’s mobile phone (messages exceeding 160 characters will cost additional credits)Email to SMS


NB: Messages spanning more than 160 characters, sent to landlines or non-UK mobile numbers may cost additional credits.


For more information take a look at our Email to SMS FAQs or for help see our Email to SMS Troubleshooting Guide.