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Importing Contacts: Step 1

To correctly import all of your names and numbers into fastsms the mobile number (in international format) must be in column A and the name in column B. You must firstly export the data from whatever database or application they are held in, onto Microsoft Excel worksheet. NB: You can also add an email address in column C (optional)

When the file is ready to import it will look like this:

Importing Contacts

However, to get to this stage you will have to follow a few processes to format your data (see step 2).

You can login to fastsms and start importing your contacts here.

Importing Contacts: Step 2 – Putting Names in One Cell:

You must have the full name (first name and surname) in column B, so if your data is already like this, skip this step. If however your data looks as mine does below with the names in separate columns, follow this process:

Importing Contacts

  • Insert a new column between B and C
  • Insert a second new column between C and D
  • In column C enter one space bar, and then copy this cell all the way down to the bottom of your data. This will create a space between the 2 names when we later link the two cells.
  • In column E write the following formula: =concatenate(b1,c1,d1)

Importing Contacts

  • This will then merge the information in cells B1, C1 and D1 leaving you with the complete name in one cell.
  • Copy this formula in cell E all the way down to the bottom of your data.
  • Save your data sheet as a CSV (comma delimited) file


  • If you get an error message like this click ‘Yes’


  • Then close the excel sheet.
  • Re-open the new CSV Excel and delete columns B, C and D and it will look like this:

Importing Contacts

Importing Contacts: Step 3 – Removing Spaces from Numbers:

  • All spaces must be removed from the numbers ready to import. To do this you can do a simple ‘Find and Replace’ on all the spaces.
  • Select all of the numbers in column A. Press CTRL and F. This will bring up and Find and Replace box. In the ‘Find what’ box, enter a single space bar and then click Replace All.


  • This will remove all the spaces in your numbers and also remove the 0 from the front of the number.
  • The next step is to put the number in international format.

Importing Contacts: Step 4 – Putting the number in International Format:

  • We will use the same concatenation process used in Step 2.
  • Insert a new column by selecting column A, right click and select Insert
  • In the top cell of this new column enter ’44’.
  • Copy this all the way down to the bottom of your data


  • In cell D1 enter this formula: =Concatenate(A1,B1)
  • Then copy this formula all the way down all your numbers


  • Now highlight column D, right click, copy, paste special, select Values, save.


  • Now you need to convert the text to number by clicking the yellow ! and selecting Convert to Number


  • You now need to format the cells to 0 decimal places.


  • Click OK and your data should look like this:


  • Delete column A and clear contents of column B. You can then drag data from column B to column A.


  • The data is now ready for importing. However, if you wish to add e-mail addresses and groups to your contact information continue following the steps below.

Importing Contacts: Step 5 – Entering Email Addresses

  • If you wish to record e-mail addresses enter these in column C
  • If you do not wish to, leave column C blank.

Importing Contacts: Step 6 – Putting your contacts into groups

  • You may wish to sort your contacts into different groups; this can either be done once the data is imported or as you import the data.
  • You can have any one contact in up to 10 groups
  • Put the name of the first Group you wish to put the contact in column D. Any subsequent groups you wish to enter them in go in columns E, F, G, etc


  • Once you have entered all of the relevant groups you need to re- save the file (as a CSV) and then close the file.
  • When you import the file, fastsms will automatically create the groups that you have entered and put the contacts into the relevant groups.