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For a distribution list to be successfully imported into fastsms they must be formatted with no zeros, ‘+’ symbols or spaces and saved as a CSV file.

When importing data into a Distribution List you must have the mobile phone number in column A and the name (if present) in B.

Before importing the data you will need to create a new Distribution List in your fastsms account that you can import the numbers into.

Below are the steps for formatting your data before importing into your Distribution List.

You can login to fastsms and import your distribution list here.

Importing Distribution Lists: Step 1: Removing Spaces

  • All spaces must be removed from the numbers. To do this, highlight the whole column then push Ctrl + H (Find and Replace).
  • This screen should then appear:

Importing Distribution Lists

  • In ‘Find what:’ type a single space, then type nothing in the ‘Replace with:’ box (because you want to replace all the spaces between the numbers with nothing)
  • Click ‘Replace All’. You should get confirmation of how many replacements have been made. Then close the dialogue box and there should be no more spaces in your numbers.
  • You will also notice that all of the 0’s at the beginning of the numbers have gone, this is ok, it is just a feature of Microsoft Excel.

Importing Distribution Lists: Step 2: Saving the File as a CSV

  • To import a file into fastsms it must be saved as a CSV file. To do this go to ‘File’, ‘Save As’. Enter your file name in the ‘File Name’ box and then under ‘Save as type’ select CSV (comma delimited) from the drop menu.
  • Then click ‘Save’.

Importing Distribution Lists

  • If you get an error message like this click ‘Yes’

Importing Distribution Lists

  • Now close the excel sheet.


Importing Distribution Lists: Step 3: Importing your numbers into your Distribution List.

  • Choose which distribution list you would like to add the numbers to within fastsms :
  • Click the ‘Import entries’ button and then follow the on screen instructions.