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If you have an Inbound Number your incoming messages will appear in your Inbox...

In order to receive messages you must have an Inbound Number on your account, this can either be an 11 digit Virtual Mobile Number or a Keyword on one of our shared 5 digit Shortcodes.

In your Inbox you have several options for managing your received messages, including…

  1. Filter Messages: Filter which messages in your current view based on StatusInbound Number, or Tags.
  2. Search: Filter messages by searching for specific phone numbers or words in the message body.
  3. Select Messages: Select multiple messages in order to apply bulk actions. Select AllNoneRead, or Unread.
  4. Reply: Reply to selected messages at once.
  5. Tags: Apply or remove multiple tags to selected messages. You can also create new tags on the fly or manage your existing tags.
  6. Archive: Archive selected messages. This will remove them from your inbox without deleting them, you can then choose to view them using the filters.
  7. Delete: Delete selected messages. This cannot be undone.
  8. More Actions: Here you can apply additional bulk actions to selected messages including Mark as ReadMark as Unread and Export Selected. You can also Export All – this will export your entire inbox as a CSV file.
  9. Page Navigation: If you’re inbox spans multiple pages you can navigate through the various pages here.
  10. Sort by: Here you can choose the parameter to order your messages. Choosing ID will place your newest messages at the top.
  11. Message: Here you can view your received messages as well as select individual actions including ReplyForwardMark as Read/UnreadArchive and Delete.

Your can login to fastsms and view your Inbox here.