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If you find yourself sending the same messages fairly often you may find you would benefit from using templates.

To manage your templates, simply select ‘Templates’ from the Messages menu.

To insert a template, when on the Send screen…

  1. Select ‘insert a text from a template‘ just above the message field.templates
  2. Choose a template from the drop down
  3. OR select ‘Manage templates‘ to create a new template. NB: this will take you away from the ‘Send SMS’ page
  4. Give it a name so you can select it from the dropdown [2] in future.
  5. Insert your text into the message body.
  6. Decide if you want this template to be available to all your sub-users.
  7. Click ‘Add‘ when finished.


You can login to fastsms and manage your templates here.

You can also restrict your sub-users to ‘templates only’

What this does is allow you to control the content of the messages sent out by your sub-users. This is great if you want to maintain a consistent message to your recipients.

To do this first you must ensure the template is ‘shared’ [6] and then restrict the sub-users sending ability in their settings.