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A brief overview of the fastsms navigation

While you are logged in you will always have access to the fastsms navigation (below). From here you can access the following…

  1. Dashboard: This is the fastsms homescreen. From here you can see all our latest news items as well as important account statistics at a glance.
  2. Send: This is the main screen for sending messages.
  3. Messages: This is where you will find access to your message folders. Here you can also manage your tags and message templates.
  4. Contacts: Here you can manage your contacts including individuals, groups and lists.
  5. Reports: Here is where you can generate and view message reports.
  6. Admin: Advanced features for manage sub-users. Contact us to get this feature set activated.
  7. Support: Access the fastsms support centre.
  8. Developer Zone: Access the fastsms developer zone.
  9. Settings: Configure your fastsms account.
  10. Logout: Log out of fastsms.
  11. Profile: Edit your account profile and view your order history.

netmessenger navigation

You can see the real live fastsms navigation for yourself by logging in here.