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What you need in order to use fastsms is pretty straight forward, depending on which solution you are using. Here’s a brief list of what we recommend:

  1. An Internet enabled device: This may sound a bit out there, but regardless of what solution you are using or what type of device – you do need an Internet connection in order to use fastsms. Desktops, Laptops & Tablets are all a great choice – mobiles work too, but your user experience may not be as great due to your small screen (we’re currently working on Android and Apple apps to improve this).
  2. If you are using fastsms, you will need a web browser – we recommend Chrome, Firefox or IE10+
  3. If you are using Email to SMS then you will need an email client or other piece of software capable of sending email. Which ever you use, it should be capable of sending emails in plain text format.
  4. If you are using OMS then you will need either Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 – this feature was discontinued by Microsoft in Outlook 2013.
  5. If using the API, you will need … a developer, to work their magic on your end – but we’re also here to help.