in Message Folders Tags: inboxtags

Tags allow you to filter messages as they come in based on the sender’s number to the message content. This is particularly useful if you have several people sharing an Inbound Number – you could ask all senders to prefix their messages with the name of the intended recipient.

Creating a tag is easy and can be done by selecting ‘Tags’ from the Messages menu.

In essence, tags are just much more flexible folders, with two key points:

  1. They are multi-assignable; meaning any one message can belong to more than one folder.
  2. Tags can be automated based message parameters; you don’t have to waste time moving items around.

There are two main ways to assign tags in fastsms; manually and automatically. Firstly you can create tags without automation and just assign messages as they come in; this is great when the detail of the message content dictates which tag it should belong to. Secondly, you can set up automated tags which are assigned to messages as they come in based on the sender number, inbound number or the message content.

You can find out more about how to manage tags by watching the short video below: Better in fullscreen

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You can login to fastsms and manage your tags here.