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You can have unlimited keywords set up on your Virtual Mobile Numbers.

Here you can manage and set up VMN keywords to perform various actions. You can choose to add them individually or import multiple keywords from a csv file. From here you can also Edit, Delete or view a Report (view more information in the Reports section) on each keyword.


Add a Keyword

There are multiple options to go through when setting up a keyword, including…

  1. Keyword: this is the word that will trigger the following actions when texted to the number it is linked with.
  2. Should be responded from: choose between one of your Inbound Numbers or use a Text Label (Name).
  3. Action triggered: choose what you would like to happen when the keyword is texted in (more information below)
  4. Status: select whether the keyword is active (on or off).
  5. Forwarding: automatically forward any incoming messages with the keyword to other mobile numbers, email addresses or via HTTP (speak to your developer about this option).

Add a Keyword

Actions Triggered

When setting up a VMN Keyword each action presents a new set of options to be completed.

Keyword Actions

You can login to fastsms and manage your VMN Keywords here.