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You can access your Inbound Numbers from the Settings menu...

Here you can manage the general settings of your Inbound Numbers (Virtual Mobile Numbers & Shortcode Keywords), including…

  1. Number Name: change the name of your Inbound Number, this makes it easier to keep track of if you have more than one.
  2. Autoresponse: automatically reply to all incoming messages. This could be as simple as a confirmation of receipt of a message or an out of office reply. For more advanced options see Keywords.
  3. Forwarding: automatically forward any incoming messages to other mobile numbers, email addresses or via HTTP (speak to your developer about this option).
  4. Distribution List Triggering: this allows the triggering of a message to a distribution list by a mobile phone. Enter into this field the mobile numbers permitted to use this feature separated by a comma.

Messages sent from the permitted handsets to trigger the distribution list must be compiled in the correct format – the distribution list name (must be one word) followed by a name (one word) to identify the sender, followed by the message. (e.g. ListName SenderName this is the message to be sent). The individual who triggers the message will receive a confirmation message in response to the successful trigger. For help triggering a distribution list call us on 0800 954 5305.

You can login to fastsms and manage your Inbound Numbers here.