in Outlook Mobile Service

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) was a new feature brought in as part of Microsoft Outlook 2007 designed to allow you to send and receive text messages through Outlook without the need for any other software. It was also available in Outlook 2010 but was discontinued in Outlook 2013; however as the Outlook 2007 & 2010 userbase is still so large it remains a popular fastsms solution.

NB: Those using Outlook 2013 can still send and receive messages using our Email to SMS solution.

The main benefits of using OMS include:

  • manage your SMS communications using the familiar Outlook interface, reducing the need for training
  • send the same message as both an email and a text message to your contacts
  • forward incoming email, reminders and calendar items to your personal mobile number as a text message

How does it work?

By creating a link between your Outlook and your fastsms account you can compose a message within Outlook which is then sent on to the fastsms system, processed and sent on using the fastsms network – meaning you benefit from the reliability and affordability of fastsms whilst using a Microsoft interface.

Click here to activate OMS, it only takes a few minutes.