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An overview of your fastsms dashboard

When you first login you will see the fastsms Dashboard by default (you can change your default page in ‘Settings’). This page is always accessible via the ‘Home’ button.

  1. Account Summary: This is an extended view of your account status. It displays your account balance as well as any inbound numbers you have attached to your account. It also includes buttons to add more of either.
  2. Account Setup: Here you can access various settings relating to your account. It’s a good idea to go through these to tailor the system to your individual needs.
  3. Support: Here you will find links to all our help sections including a link to contact us directly if you require any assistance.
  4. Below the Dashboard you will see any news items. Clicking ‘Mark as read‘ will remove the item from your homescreen.

netmessenger dashboard


You can login and view your dashboard here.