Fastsms Update: Alerts, Navigation, Security and More!

You spoke, we listened …and now we’ve acted.

When we launched the new fastsms platform back in January, it came with a promise; a promise that we will always be there for you, ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions on how we could make our service even better. And you know what, it’s been a fruitful partnership so far; and that’s how we think of it, a partnership. We’re in this together; after all, you want a system that works for you and we want you (our customers) to be happy – no brainer!

We’re constantly tinkering under the hood to make fastsms the best it can be. However, today sees the release of some pretty hefty enhancements, all geared around making fastsms even more user-friendly.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking…change!?? nooooo…but trust us, take our hand and we’ll make this as painless as possible 😉


Here’s a run-down of the changes you may have already noticed:

1. New Alerts System

You said: “I’d like to know more about when new features are coming out”

We’ve responded: The new alerts system forms a crucial part of our new feature release strategy. You’ve likely already seen it in action, that’s how you got here, right?

It’s a new way for us to communicate with you, directly within fastsms. With really important stuff we will still send you an email or give you a quick call but this is just another layer to our commitment to good communication.


2. New Support Centre

You said: “How do I do this…”

We’ve responded: This one’s easy, you’re using it now! We’ve replaced our user manuals with a fully interactive Support Centre (cool, huh?). By no means a one-off copy and paste jobby; this Support Centre is a living organism, receiving constant care and attention as it evolves over time. It’s real easy to find what you’re looking for using the Search bar; and you know what, if you can’t find what you’re after, if it isn’t there – let us know using Live Chat or email and we’ll get it added for the next person, sound fair?


3. New Fastsms Navigation

You said: “I like looking at pretty things… oh, and how do I find that page?”

We’ve responded: Perhaps the most obvious change. Don’t panic, everything is where you left it. And we’ve even brought a few things like Groups, Tags and the Blacklist up to the main navigation to make them easier to get to. For a full breakdown on how to navigate your way around NM2, take a look here.


4. New Keyword Importer

You said: “I’d like to be able to upload keywords in the same way as contacts”

We’ve responded: Well, now you can. You’ll find the ‘import’ option in the keyword settings for your virtual mobile number and it even includes some instructions on getting your csv file formatted correctly.


5. Enhanced Security Features

You said: “Are you concerned about the recent cyber-attacks in the news”

We’ve responded: Short answer, no. This year has seen many big brands have their pants pulled down, in terms of security (as reported by the media), but we weren’t one of them. However, it would be remiss of us not to take note and make sure we are doing everything possible to fend off these keyboard warriors. A difficult task, considering our network and systems are already military grade, but here’s what we came up with…

i. Password Strength Indicator: we’ve added some forced rules for you if you want to create your own password. Not that we’re suggesting anyone would ever use their own name as their password, but it’s a way for us to help you make sure you’re using best practices. Go on, give it a try in your settings.

ii. IP Whitelisting: this allows you to restrict access to your account to a specific IP Address. Useful if you only want people to be able to access your account while on company premises. NB: This will only work if you have a static IP. Contact us if you’d like more information on this.


For more information about these updates, grab us on Live Chat at the bottom of the page.

Oliver Burt

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